Special Event Deluxe VIP Flushing

Deluxe restroom with fully flushing toilet and sink.


Forest Green colored restrooms blending nicely with outdoor settings Hygienic hands-free operation (flushing operation by foot pump) freshwater operation run by foot pump Unique bowl design for easy accessibility Height - 91"
Includes vanity area with fresh water sink, mirror, soap, paper towel dispenser 15 gal. capacity water supply provides approximately 135 - 160 uses before service required No unpleasant sights or odors (WASTE IS NOT VISIBLE) Width - 47"
Uniquely designed interior allows for enormous space inside No need for additional water storage Depth - 47"
Occupancy indicator with easy-to-use interior Inside door latch for privacy Weight - 243 Lbs.
Fully flushing toilet Well-vented to reduce any odor Door - 76" x 25"
Non-slip floor provides user safety Floor - 47" x 21"