Standard (Plastic)

Aris Company Restrooms are the MOST DURABLE in the industry!


Plastic restrooms are far easier to move around on job site than fiberglass restrooms Large tissue dispenser with more than an adequate supply of tissue paper Height - 88" Door - 78" x 26"
Largest door opening in the industry Non-slip floor provides user safety Width - 45" Floor - 41" x 21"
Includes indoor lock for privacy Well-vented to reduce any odor Depth - 45" Tank - 70 Gallons
Extra large 70 gallon waste water holding tank Weight - 230 lbs

Restroom Capacity

  • 70 gallon holding tank accommodates approximately For construction sites, 1 unit is required for every 10 workers (American National Standard Institute - ANSI Z4.3).
  • For special events, please use the following chart. 200 uses without service. See Special Event Planning Guide.

    NOTE: Unit style and color may vary, our fleet carries several styles. Please inquire.

For HIGH-RISE APPLICATIONS, Hook Hi-Rise unit can be created by adding a steel sling with lifting hools to lift the restroom into skyscrapers or other unreachable service locations via crane, please also consider the Rolloway Hi-Rise Unit.